Friday, July 30, 2010

Allergic to Tomatoes?? Poor Greta.......

A few days ago, I was busy outside feeding, mowing, cleaning up around the barn, and just doing outside chores. I always let the dogs out to run around and play whenever I am outside working. After a couple hours, I let them back in the house to cool off, and get a drink and rest. I came back in later, and was getting ready to get in the shower, when Greta followed me into the bathroom and looked up at me, and this is what she looked like.....

So, needless to say, I dropped everything, took her temp and checked her breathing, which all were fine. Her ears were very swollen, along with her muzzle, and I assumed that she had been stung by a bee. Well, I examined her and could not find evidence of a bee sting, and I think I figured out what happened.

She LOVES tomatoes and will pick and eat them out of the garden if I don't watch her closely. While she was out, I seen her over by the garden a few times, but I was busy and didn't pay very close attention. I have been researching and while it seems that tomatoes are not poisonous to dogs, they can have an allergic reaction if they eat too many. I'm pretty sure this is what happened, so I will have to really watch her from now on. She felt a little "off" for a few days, didn't have much energy or much of an appetite, but otherwise she was OK. I gave her Benedryl, and she is fine now, although it took several days for the swelling to completely go away from her ears and muzzle. Have any of you ever know a dog to have an allergic reaction to tomatoes?

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  1. NO, I never knew a dog could be allergic to tomatoes! I had a Shetland sheepdog allergic to bee stings like you said, but never tomatoes! This same shelty would graze through our neighbors strawberry patch. She loved strawberries!...debbie