Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mornin' Run!

There's almost nothing that makes me happier and soothes my soul more than watching my horses run, buck, and enjoy life!
 I brought Dior and Gunner in from the big pasture, and let Sonny and Mr. T go out to graze this morning, so Dior and Gunner thought they would put on a show for me!

They ran around the round pen and paddock and bucked, kicked, and had a ball!

Gunner had to stop for a minute and say hello to Jack who was watching all the commotion from the lower pasture........

Dior flyin' by me...........

It's been so hot here for the last month, that we put one of those big industrial size fans in the aisleway of the barn to help keep the guys cool in this relentless heat. Sonny and Mr T love it and had gotten used to it, but Gunner and Dior just met it's acquaitance this morning, and Gunner kept his distance, he was having second thoughts about walking past it.......you've never heard such snorting, blowing, and carrying on !

He finally figured out it wasn't gonna eat him, and it's all good now. They actually stand right in front of it and sleep with it blowing on them, LOL.....

Have a great Tuesday everyone!!!


  1. OH there he is!! Gunner is my favorite. Guess because I had 2 Paints. His is so clean and white!! I love your tall fences, how nice!! Dior has a beautiful rear end!! They're beautiful...all of them! ...debbie

  2. Thanks Debbie, usually Gunner is not so clean, LOL....he loves to roll, as soon as I snapped these pictures he laid down in the dirtiest place he could find and rolled :-)

    The tall fences are panel gates that enclose our riding arena, and they also separates our lots. They are great, they last forever, and you don't have to worry about anyone getting hurt on them (like barbed wire.) Dior is a huge boy, Terry calls him "the elephant"...he stands right at 16 hands and weighs around 1300 pounds. He will turn 20 in the spring, and he is a very easy keeper, I just hope as he continues to age he can keep his weight as easy as he does now, although I am prepared to provide special feed if needed. I am a firm beleiver that old not not have to mean skinny!

  3. I love those pictures! Dior looks like a 10 year old! I also love Gunner... I have recently acquired a paint filly (3 year-old) and am currently training her. They are wonderful!

  4. Thanks Dandy! I have been reading some of your posts about training your new filly, seems like it was going really well last time I visited, keep up the good work!

  5. They are so pretty...glad you had a fan to cool them off.