Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year.......

Happy New Year to all my blog people....I know there's not that many of you, but I appreciate your following of our lives through this blog. I hope the new year brings much joy and hapinesss to all!

2011 will bring many new firsts for me, I hope......I will be a grandma for the first time in June, and hopefully I will land that ever elusive job that I have been searching for, LOL........I have an interview Monday at our local spay and neuter clinic, and I am really hoping I get the job, I love working with animals! That would be a great start to my New Year for sure!!!

Hope everyone has a safe and prosperous 2011.....



  1. First, let me say Happy 2011 and secondly I hope you get your job and the Animal Clinic. I agree, that would be wonderful!! I'd probably bring home all the strays brought in for something. And thirdly, and most importantly is becoming a Grandma! It is just wonderful! I love being a gramma to our 2 gran girls!! ( 4 & 6 ) Best wishes for a grand 2011 ...debbie