Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Update On the Tiny Calf....

So Far so good..... the calf is doing great this morning, she took nearly a third of the large nurser bottle, and is very alert. I am trying to think of a name for her, any suggestions are welcome...
We are still amazed at how such a tiny calf can be seemingly healthy and fully developed. Terry said in all the years he has raised cattle, he has never seen such a small calf be normal and show no effects of being premature, or seem to be a "dummy" calf. We think she may have been born a little early, but only by a week or two maybe. Anyway, I hope she continues to thrive, she is still not out of the woods yet, though.....


  1. Wow she IS tiny! Good luck with her, I hope she makes it!

    What do you think about the name Thumbelina?

  2. Thumbelina, that's cute, we'll see how many suggestions I get, and then I'll see which one best suits her personality, Thanks!!

  3. When I was 14 or so, my grandfather had a cow calf an itty bitty calf like yours, they were Herfords... ( It was the cows first calf, and she never "took" again after the calves birth. She left the farm the following fall. ) He cleaned her up and gave her to us to raise...if she could/would make it. We never weighed her, but she was tiny, easily packed around and perfect, too. We bottle fed "Baby" and kept her at the house with a goat. The goat was just for company as it was a whether...
    Long story short, we taught her to lead, pick up her feet, and pull us in the snow on a sled...just like the horses! She was a fantastic pet who never matured past the size of a yearling. She was accidently bred as a 3-4 yr. old (you can't stop a determined neighbor bull) and calved just fine, had about 4 calves if I remember right before we lost her...she was a lot of fun! So I'd say Baby...just because of our Baby! Our "Baby" was a spitfire though...not really all that sweet all the time! LOL!!

  4. Awww, that's a great story, Nikker, thanks for sharing. We figure that if this little gal survives, she will be very small also when fully grown, but that's alright. Cows are a lot smarter than people think, and they can be trained to do lots of things, and can even be broke to ride. I don't think that is in this calf's future, but it will be alot of fun watching her grow up!