Monday, September 14, 2009

Wow..Maybe the World's smallest calf?

We had a very interesting event today, one of our cows delivered a TINY heifer calf. She seems mature and normal, just very small. She has no characteristics of a premature or dummy calf, she has a normal hair coat, she is alert, nursing, and strong so far. She is the size of a small dog, and weighed in at a whopping 23 pounds!!! A normal sized calf is between 60-70 pounds. She is solid black with not a speck of white on her. Her mother has no milk, so we will be bottle feeding her, so hopefully she will make it. It will be touch and go for a few days, but maybe she will have a strong will to live. I will feed her every 3~4 hours for the first few days....I will update on her tomorrow... it's gonna be a long night....


  1. She's so cute! What breed is she?

  2. Hi Alee, she is out of a longhorn cow, and her sire is a black angus bull. She is the cutest thing ever, and she is doing great this morning, so keep your fingers crossed that she continues to do good!