Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Yuck......Spring, hurry up!!!!

I am so ready for spring and drier weather! We have had so much rain and snow this winter, and our paddocks and pastures are a yucky mess. The 5 inches of snow we had last weekend is really melting now, and this is what it leaves us with to wade through...lovely.....

That's mine and Gunner's feet when I went out to feed this morning.....I know he needs his feet done, but we have been waiting for his leg to heal more before putting the extra stress on him.  His leg is healing very well, and he is not lame at all on it, so Terry is planning on pulling his shoes and trimming him this weekend.

Sonny and Mr.T eating breakfast this morning in their run in shelter....Sonny is the one looking over his shoulder. He decided he didn't like the camera flash at all, and he kept an eye on me while eating. So, I decided to take picture after picture until he settled down. I would take a picture and he would snort, turn and run out of the shelter, then walk back in and eat. We repeated this about 10 times until he finally didn't spook any more.  He will be 16 this spring, and is a joy to ride. He is sometimes a little nervous around new things on the ground, but once you put that halter on him, he is a completely different horse. He is very willing, responsive, and you can take him anywhere and ride him with no problems. My daughter has shown him in 4-H, team penning, rode him in parades, you can rope off him, anything.  He has never ever bucked, kicked, or been disrespectful in any way, but we just know his little quirks and how to handle him.


 He had a sarcoid tumor the size of a golfball in his left eyelid two years ago, and we thought we may have to remove his eye, but thanks to the Veterinary team at UT Knoxville and our local vet, he completely recovered, the tumor is gone, and you can't even tell there was anything there by looking at his eye. Sonny will be with us forever....I would never trust anyone else with this horse....he could very easily be misunderstood, and therefore be mistreated, so he will die on our farm.......

Here he has turned sideways while eating to keep an eye on me since I had the camera, normally he could care less if I was literally hanging off of him while eating, but that's Sonny for ya, though........Notice Mr. T never even looked up the whole time....that's how he is, nothing bothers him...wonderful horse..   :^)

I also dumped everyone's water this morning, and cleaned the troughs out. It had been awhile and they were pretty yucky, so it took me a good 1 1/2 hours to dump, clean, and refill them all up. I snapped some pictures of the mules while I was waiting for their water to fill. This is Billy getting a drink, while John Boy watches the new mules who were turned out in the riding arena this morning.......

Here, he is seriously thinking about pulling the water hose out of the trough, so I have to watch and make sure he doesn't....there's nothing worse than thinking the water is full only to go back and see that they have pulled the hose out and it is all on the ground...ugh!

Here is a picture of my garlic poking up through the snow.....this is my first time growing garlic, so I hope it makes it through the winter, and I have nice, big bulbs of garlic about May or June.......

Have a great day everyone!


  1. Hehehe, my horse must have mule in her!!! That is exactly what she would do! Love the mules, we don't have much of those around here.

    Gunner's foot is a nice one, sure, it might be a little long, but some folks wouldn't trim a foot that looks like this! I would like to request a series of pictures on how you remove, trim and reset a shoe... I am planning on shoeing my old Standards since their hooves wear so darn fast when ridden, so I would like some more info on how to set the nails in the hoof... I know all about clinching, etc. But I'm nervous about driving that first nail in!!!!

    We once had garlic that didn't make it for Spring / Summer... but we have horribly cold and snowy winters here.

  2. lol, your boots are more muddy than Gunners! The pictures of the mules show what a muddy mess your
    corrals are. I remember those days. Do you ride or drive or both your mules. They sure are cute! Have a great Wed...debbie

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  4. Dandy, Gunner's feet are really bad to splay and spread out over the sides of the shoe as you can tell by the picture. I think Terry is gonna pull his shoes and give him a good trim, and leave him shoeless for a couple months since we won't be riding for awhile until his leg heals. Next time he shoes one of the horses or mules, I will try and get some pics, I'm sure you can do it, your trims look great.

    Happy Days...thanks for visiting! We don't have any mules that are broke to ride, just work and pull a wagon. I would like to have a little riding mule someday if I can talk Terry into it. He likes to ride horses, and keep the mules for driving or working, LOL....

  5. They are so beautiful.... my daughter, she has a way with animals. I wish she had more time with them. She was susposed to go volunteer at a farm this past weekend but it was to cold & muddy. She wants spring to come so she can spend all her time outside.