Sunday, February 21, 2010

Free At Last!!

Well, it has been almost 6 weeks since Gunner cut his leg on the hay ring, and after treating the leg this morning, we made the descision to turn him back out on the big pasture with Dior, our 19 year old quarter horse gelding. The leg still has some healing to do, but we feel like it has been long enough for him to be confined to the small paddock. The best news is he is definately not lame on the leg, but we think he may have a hump on the leg for a long time if not forever, since the muscle was cut so severely. We are rubbing it down daily and applying linament, so only time will tell if the dent in the muscle will stay or gradually go away. My main concern is to be sure he is not in pain, and to make sure he will be comfortable under saddle....the scars or cosmetic issues do not bother me....he will be with us  forever, I just want him to be sound and pain free.  I will try to get close up pics of the leg in a few days.

Dior was Gunner's "mother" when we weaned him, and he is quite attached to Dior, so he was beside himself when we turned them back in together!  We thought today would be perfect....the weather is so nice, it is sunny and warm....we are supposed to get up to 60 DEGREES today (and NO RAIN)!!!   I got my camera ready, because we knew there would be alot of bucking, running, and farting when we turned these two back in together...and they did not disappoint!

Of course, the first thing Gunner did was find the dirtiest, muddiest spot in the pasture and roll, so he was covered in a layer of black mud/soil.......but he was so happy, he didn't care and neither did I.....

Then he realized, hey, I can run wide open now, so here he went........(by the way, I didn't know how hard it is to take a picture of a horse running and get their whole body in the picture, LOL).....

Here he has stopped to watch as Terry turned Dior in with him after he got some of the running out of his system............

Then we turned Dior in....and the real fun began....;')................

Dior will be 19 next month, although he doesn't look or act it....he still loves to buck, kick, and carry on, and most of the time he acts younger than Gunner who is just coming a 5 year old............

Here he finally stopped to rest and gave me that "what?" look, LOL...........

Well, I am off for now, I am going back out to enjoy this beautiful day, I think we may take the mules out for a ride in the wagon later......we may not have too many more nice days for a few weeks, hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday afternoon!



  1. Really enjoyed your posts! Was glad to hear that Gunner is ready to go outside. Bet he was so happy! Never fails that they will find the biggest and muddiest piece of earth to roll around in! Silly things! Dior is sure pretty! it got warm here too, all the way up to 57! (WV)...debbie

  2. Looks like hes happy to be out! I love whaching when they get so ecited and buck and play.

  3. Oh they are just beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. The "what" look is a classic from him...especially when you are getting him ready to ride.