Friday, April 16, 2010

It's Finally Done!

After spending all week working on the fence, I finally finished it this morning. I pressure washed it Monday and Tuesday, and finished the painting this morning. Whew...what a job! I put two coats of paint on it, so hopefully it will last for a few years, LOL.... You can tell by the picture of the header of this blog how badly it needed painting. What little paint was left on it was chipping off, and it had lots of green algea and slimy stuff from years of "neglect". It is made from pressure treated lumber, so thankfully, it is still in excellent condition to be 10 years old.

This is after the washing and after I had prepped the corners getting ready to paint the boards and posts. Underneath all the crud, the boards looked like brand new....amazing how well pressure treated lumber holds up over time, LOL......

Here is the finished product, it looks sooooo much better............

Another shot of the front pasture.............

And here's a picture of miss Greta with her favorite frisbee sitting in front of the corner posts and gate.........

And last but not least, while I was taking pictures, Gunner had to come up and check out what I was doing, LOL....he was my painting buddy, he would follow me around while I painted, then sniff the paint, and take off running and bucking, silly boy!..........

's amazing how much better you feel to complete a project that you have been putting off for awhile, LOL.....But, now I need to do the same thing to the fence around our side pasture. It needs to have a few boards replaced first, then I can get started on it, there's always something to do around here!

Well, I'm gonna go out now and mow a little, it is absolutley gorgeous here today, hope everyone has a great Friday and weekend!


  1. Wow! Super job! Gunner's white is as white as the fence now! Look at that sweet face!

    Weather is crappy in Eastern Ontario, Canada today, raining... a lot! Have a great weekend!

  2. Dandy...we have been really lucky, the weather has been beautiful for 2 full weeks now! I think we are supposed to get some rain within the next couple days, so I'm thankful to get the fence done in time. Hope is dries up for you soon!

  3. Your fencing looks great. I've painted fences before and it's a time consuming job. My shoulder was sore for a week. You must be in good shape!! Gunner is so pretty! Your trees are pretty in your pasture photos. Have a great weekend!!...debbie