Sunday, April 18, 2010

Just Pictures of dogs and horses...........

Not really much to write about, so I'm just posting
 some recent pictures of the gang........

Ruby Jane in her new UT jersey..........


Greta hoggin' the recliner..........

Woody peekin' out from under the covers.....he's always cold, LOL.......

I snapped a couple pics of the horses yesterday when I went out to clean water tanks

They finally look like horses again, LOL, they have almost completely shed their winter coat,
and look so much better!

This is Sans Sunday Smoke.....a.k.a.  "Sonny"

Here is Traditional Terms a.k.a.  "Mr. T".....he always stands right by the water trough
the whole time it is filling up.  Even though it had water in it,
 he always waits for that fresh, cold water, LOL.......... 

Well, I'm off to bed, got a busy day tomorrow, hope everyone has a great week!



  1. Enjoyed your pet photos! Mr T is wondering what your doing interupting his drinking! Look at that face! lol he sure is pretty. Loved your header!!...debbie

  2. Thanks....Mr.T is a wonderful horse, calm easy going. You can not ride him for months and saddle him up to go check cattle, and it's like he's been ridden every day! He's a keeper... ;-)

    I like the header too...I found it on the internet. I am having trouble posting my own pictures to the header...they are way too big, and I don't know how to scale them down to fit yet. I need to research it, or get my daughter to help me, LOL!