Tuesday, January 19, 2010

All This for .81 cents!!!........

Well, I've got the bug again, I have cleaned out my coupon binder, re-organized it, and I have been shopping and finding a lot of great deals lately. Here is my latest shopping trip....

At Food Lion they had the Lubriderm marked down from $3.79 to $1.89. I had $2 off coupons....so....I bought 6 of them, used six of the $2 coupons, and made a profit of .11 cents on each lotion! The register never beeped and it took all 6 at $2 off (sometimes the register won't take a coupon for over the amount of the item and the cashier has to manually enter the coupon, but in this case it took off the full $2.)

At Family Dollar, they had the Electrasol dishwasher tabs for $3, and I had $2.50 coupons, making them only .50 cents per pack, I got three.

Then on to Walgreens....They were running a promotion, when you buy any Theraflu product and a Lipton product you get back a $4 Register Reward to use on your next in store purchase. They also had the same promotion when you buy 2 Wet Ones you get back a $1 Register Reward. So, I had coupons that made the Theraflu free, and I had coupons on the Wet Ones.  In the end, I spent  only $4.97, but I got back $5 in Register Rewards, so I made a profit of .03 cents on the two boxes of Theraflu, the Lipton Tea, and the 2 Wet Ones. My total out of pocket on all the items you see pictured was only .81 cents plus tax! Regular price on these items would have been around $48......It takes a little work and time to figure out these deals, but I save so much money doing this.....it is well worth the effort! 

Oh, and we had a nice visit last night from my daughter Olivia and her boyfriend, and Greta was very happy to see her to say the least (Olivia raised Greta from a newborn on a bottle!) She doesn't realize that she weighs 65 pounds, and is not a lap dog, LOL.........

That's all for now, I am off to clean and re-organize my spare room where I keep many of the extra items I get with coupons. I watched Hoarders last night, and it has motivated me to get more organized!! Have a great day everyone, and .....

....USE THOSE COUPONS............... DEANNA


  1. Wow you got some really great deals!!

  2. I need help couponing. I love to do it but besides the Sunday paper where else do you get coupons?

  3. I need to start couponing, good grief!

    I love the "lap dog" by the way.Greta is a pretty girl!