Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My latest great shopping deal.....

Well, this is my first post about using coupons and shopping, mainly because I had slacked up around the holidays and wasn't clipping coupons and matching up sales like I should have been, but anyway...... As my family already knows, ( I get teased about it alot)  I am very thrifty, and I use coupons religiously. I don't buy anything that is not on sale unless I absolutely have to have it, and I rarely pay full price for anything. I make my own laundry detergent, shampoo, liquid soap, and sometimes dishwasher detergent (but most of the time, I can use coupons and get it for free or almost free.)

So I was shopping at Food Lion, and stumbled upon this awesome deal. All Special K cereals were on sale  2 for $5. On some of the boxes, there were peelie coupons that stated "Buy this box of Special K cereal and recieve a free 4 pack of Special K protein shakes, protein bars, or protein water mix." Ok, so immediately the wheels started turning, and I was thinking, OK, this deal has the potential to be very huge, so I started searching through my coupon binder for additional coupons to use on top of the ones on the boxes of cereal. I knew I wanted the protein shakes, because they were very good, and the regular price was $5.99 for a 4 pack~~way too pricey for me to buy without coupons, LOL.  I found a coupon in my binder Buy one box of Special K cereal , get one this was going to make the deal even sweeter! So, I put the 2 boxes of cereal in my cart and went over to the other aisle to get the protein shakes. When I got there, my heart skipped a few beats, and I got lightheaded ( this is something that happens to "couponers" when they find a great deal)  when I seen the sign that said......Buy any 5 Special K products and receive $5 off your shopping order! So I bought the snack bars and the protein water mix to make 5 items on each order.... AND ..... each one of those boxes had a $1 off peelie coupon too..... I was in coupon heaven by now!!!!!!!!  I knew right then, I was gonna make out like a banshee on this deal!!

So, I did this order 4 seperate times, at 3 different Food Lion stores in my is the breakdown:

8 boxes of cereal                       ($2.50 x 8 = $20)
8 four packs of protein shakes   ($5.99 x 8 = $47.92)
3 boxes of protein snack bars    ($3.29 x 3 = $9.87)
1 box of protein water mix                           ( $4.29)

Ok, so regular price on all these items without coupons would have been  $82.08 plus tax.

After all my manufacturer coupons, coupons on the boxes of cereal for free shakes, the coupons on the boxes of bars and water mix, AND an additional $5 off each order from FoodLion, my grand total out of pocket for all these items was......drumroll please....... a whopping   $5.16 plus tax!!!!!!!!!

Here is a picture of everything, and I'm sure you already figured out I'm pretty excited about this.......

Have a great day everyone, and use those coupons! ...... Deanna


  1. That is mind boggling! I guess it just takes time and patience to stick with the coupons and tracking down the deals. I'm soooo impressed!

  2. I forgot to say...I'm lovin' the mules in your header!

  3. Yes, RiverBend, it does take time to match up sales with coupons, clipping, filing, etc., but I save so much money be using them. I'm a stay at home "horsie" mom right now, so I have time. When I go back to work, I may not do so well, LOL....