Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Morning Sunrise....

I was actually up this morning in time to catch the sun peeking through the trees. The light was a beautiful golden orange so I grabbed the camera real quick, I know it wouldn't last long.  Of course Dior and Gunner had to stop and look to see what I was doing, LOL......

Hope everyone has a great Sunday Morning!



  1. Just dropping in and saw you had a paint horse. MY favorite. Had 2 of them. A palomino paint gelding raised from a newborn and kept for 10 years, and a 4 year old Paint/thrbd - bay mare. Had a knee replacement and decided to hang up my boots. Couldn't risk the chance - Junior, lives only about 13 miles from our Mountain house, so I see him whenever I drive up there - it's a 3 hr drive and my mare is with my best friend about 2 hours away. Hardest thing I had to do was sell Junior. He was my buddy. He had a large cut just like Gunner, almost in the same spot. They sure can get themselves into trouble can't they?! Love your mules! and your QH is beautiful too!! Will be back to visit...debbie

  2. Welcome Debbie! The paint horse is my buddy too, I owned his mother and raised him here on the farm. He has been in training the past year, and I plan on putting some miles on him this year finally, LOL.... Sorry you had to sell Junior, but sometimes life happens and we have no choice....come back any time!