Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fugly Horse of The Day, Where Art Thou?

I went to check my favorite blog, Fugly Horse of the Day, and I get the message that the account has been suspended!!! What is going on?? Fugly Horse of the Day is a very informative website for all horse owners and enthusiasts. The woman that operates it has been known to step on a few toes, but 99% of the time, those toes needed stepping on! She speaks out against irresponsible breeding, horse slaughter, bad training, and anything else of importance that is going on in the horse world. She has been an advocate for horses, by outing abusers, and uncovering neglect and bad situations for horses. She's not afraid to name names, and I really admire her courage and fearlessness for speaking up for those that can't speak for themselves...... I really hope she can get the problem straightened out, I'm not sure what's going on with the website, but if it has to do with the topic yesterday and the blasting of the Parellis, she was right on.... come back soon Cathy!


  1. Maybe she is getting another site and will show up someplace. I know you must be saddened by her leaving. Maybe someone filed suit againt her for using her name and they made her take her site off. Hope not, but you never know these days...people are crazy anymore...debbie

  2. All is well....Fugly is back, there was some kind of technical error, thanks goodness! Horses need her!