Thursday, March 4, 2010

Gunner's leg today....7 Weeks After Injury.......

****WARNING ~~~ GRAPHIC PHOTO BELOW*****  For those of you that are squeamish!

I finally got some pictures of Gunner's leg today. As many of you remember, 7 weeks ago he rolled over into the hay ring and somehow caught his leg and gashed it open in two places on the inside rougher part of the ring.  Up until just the past week, we were worried about the lower cut on the cannon still had a huge, hard, hump on it, and despite rubbing it down alot, it still would not go down. Well, over the past several days, I have seen a HUGE improvement... the swelling and hardness has went down tremendously....YAY!! The incisions look great, the hair is growing back in, and best of proud flesh! The upper cut still has some scabbing, but it has almost completely filled in and looks great. I don't care how much hay they waste, I am not using the hay rings's not worth the risk. We are very could have been much worse, he could have ended up permanantly lame, the cut on the hock was very close to involving the joint capsule....(then we would have had big problems) or he could have easily snapped his leg trying to get out of the hay ring.  Anyway,  this first picture is when I first found him, and as they go down, how they look today......

Notice all the mud.....yuck! We have not had hardly any rain for a few weeks, and it is still muddy, but nowhere near as bad as it was 3 weeks ago ~it's gonna take alot of sunny days for us to dry out! It is beautiful here today, the horses and mules are all laid out enjoying the sunshine, and I even cleaned my truck out....can you believe it?  Have a great day everyone!!



  1. It really looks great! I remember it took Juniors leg about 3-4 months to completely heel and you could hardly notice it after a time. It's amazing how they heal. Am so glad he's improved so much. They can get themselves into so much trouble without even trying! Just part of owning a horse I guess. We have sun today too! First time in 2 weeks! It's all the way up to 39! Have a great weekend! ...debbie

  2. Debbie, I know, I guess sometimes they are gonna get hurt no matter what you do. But, I feel like a bad horse mom because he got cut on the hay ring. Terry thinks we should still use them, because he thinks it was a fluke thing that may never happen again, but I just don't like taking the chance. We have used them forever and never had a horse get so much as a scratch from them, but I am thankful that it has healed and he is gonna be OK.

    We are close to 40 today also with lots of sunshine....I am hoping to maybe ride this weekend, I can't wait, it's been several months since we have ridden. The weather was just terrible here this winter, so I am so looking forward to getting back in the saddle so to speak, LOL...

  3. It healed up great! So glad he's able to get turned out again, I'm betting he's loving it :)