Saturday, March 27, 2010

This is What I'm Doing Today.........

I am babysitting my daughter's dogs today....her Dachshund Merlin and her Jack Russel mix Aadi.  Along with my 3, we definatley have a housefull today. But, the weather is nice, so they will get to go out and play after while. Right now everyone is napping so I had a chance to post, and it will probably be the only chance I will get today, LOL!

Here is a picture of everyone when they first got here....

I can't believe I got everyone in the shot, they were so excited and running around

I finally had to shout, "Hey everybody look" to get them to stop and look at the camera! The two in the front are Merlin and Aadi

Ruby Jane (my Jack Russell) doesn't know what to think of baby Merlin

here she is giving him the "what in the world is that" look, LOL......

Aadi is still looking out the window for her mommy and daddy, but she got over them leaving pretty quick...

Here is a close up of Merlin

He is adorable and so sweet....

We are gonna have fun today!!


  1. Awww,that was picture perfect! LOL! I'm sure they were looking for a treat,not a flash! LOL!

    The markings on Merlin is sooo neat!! Too cute!!

    Have a "BLESSED" day!


  2. LOL, Merlin is just darling! What a cute face. It's nice that they are all bout the same size and get along so well! Makes it easy! Cute photos of everyone!...debbie

  3. Oh so sweet!! Puppy sitting! They are so cute.