Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Latest Haul from CVS.......

I went to CVS this morning looking for the perfume sets that were supposedly marked 90% off, but my CVS didn't have any of them clearanced... boo.. :-(    But, all was not lost, they had several other items marked down including Gillette deodorant, and paired with coupons, I made out very good if I must say so myself.....Here is the picture of everything I got.......

Here is a breakdown of what I got with the prices, then I will list the coupons I used with final totals...

(2)  1 Gallon jugs Arizona diet green tea marked down to .75 cents each ( no coupon but still a great deal)
3 pack of CVS paper towels  marked down to 1.99
12 pack Diet Coke with Lime 4.29
Almond Joy Pieces  3.59
(4) cans Ocean Spray Cranberry sauce marked down to .40 cents each (no coupon but still a good deal)
(2) Sure for Men Deodorant clearanced to 1.50 each
(4) Gillette for Men Deodorants marked down to 2.25 each 
(1) Gillette for Men Body Wash  4.99

OK, here are the coupons I used:

1.00 off CVS paper towels from in store scanner
FREE 12 pack Coke coupon from saving Coke codes
FREE coupon for Almond Joy Pieces for sending in a Reeses wrapper
(2) 1.50 off any men's Sure Deodorant
(2)  4.00 off any 2 Gillette deodorant coupons
1 coupon for Buy any Gillette deodorant get Gillette body wash FREE
I also used a $2 Extra Care Buck from previous CVS purchase

So, the total for all this was only $5.60, with $2.52 of this being tax...( I know, for all of you who are gasping, our sales tax is 9.75% here in Tennessee)  And, I got back another $2 Extra Care Buck for buying
the Gillette deodorant, so the final cost for all this was only around $3.60!! Don't ya just love it?? It really pays to use those coupons!!

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  1. Wow! You really DID do good! Kuddos to you and your great shopping spree!! I am really bad about not using coupons. Sometimes I do remember. Most of the time I cute them out and forget to use them...not very good huh?!...debbie