Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I've Got A New Baby......

When Terry got back from checking the cattle last night, he brought me a suprise.... a new baby. Monday night when he checked the herd, one of our cows had just delivered a heifer calf, the baby was trying to stand, mama was cleaning her off, everything looked good, etc.  He made his rounds, fed, then came back home just like usual. Well, when he went to check everybody last night, he saw this little bull calf, running around bellowing looking for anything to nurse on, LOL...Apparently the same cow delivered this little guy after the heifer, and as cattle sometimes do with twins, she only accepted the heifer and would not let the bull calf nurse. So now I have a bottle baby, and he is a cutie pie, he is a big, stout, strong guy, and takes his bottle right down without any problems. We had to give him a bottle of colostrum first thing, because we just don't know if she let him nurse to begin with, so to be on the safe side, he got the colostrum. I usually end up bottle feeding a couple every year, occasionally we will have a cow that won't have enough milk, or other problems that warrant bottle feeding. I really don't mind, I enjoy it, I love watching them run around bucking and playing.  After we wean them and they are eating good, then we turn them back out with the herd.  Here is the little guy, now I have to come up with a name.......

Here he is after his bottle...wanting more.......


  1. what a cutie!! what was his momma's name? How about Bullseye?

  2. He is so so cute! Look at his little drippy chin! lol He's really pretty. Cute photos...How about Garth...debbie

  3. Name him Harry Potter! LOL! First thing that popped into my head. Books sitting right next to me.

    He's grandma lives right beside a very wealthy family, and they have cattle. I love watching the babies being cute.